Humboldtstraße 5
34117 Kassel
Telefon (0561) 772031
Telefax (0561) 772032

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Address: Friedrichsgymnasium Kassel
Humboldtstraße 5
34117 Kassel
Telephone: 0049-561-772031
Fax: 0049-561-772032
Principal: Christa Palmié
Deputy: Andrea Herzog

is located near the city centre of Kassel. Two public gardens, Fürstengarten and Henschelgarten, give its surroundings a special atmosphere. In the neigbourhood there are three well-known museums, Landesmuseum, Tapetenmuseum, Museum für Sepulkralkultur, and there is Murhardsche Bibliothek, an academic library. The school can be easily reached by public transport (bus and tram).
Friedrichsgymnasium is a school for secondary education with special emphasis on foreign languages, in particular Classics, for students from Kassel and the Kassel area. It offers eight years of education. Students learn Latin and Englishas their first foreign languages, English as their second, and after three years they can choose between Greek and French. After eight years, they take their Abitur exam (final examination), a requirement for admission to university in Germany.
There are approximately 1000 students and a teaching staff of about 70 at present.

Friedrichsgymnasium celebrated its 225th anniversary in 2004. Founded by Landgraf Friedrich II. in 1779, Friedrichsgymnasium originally was in Wolfschlucht until the destruction of Kassel in 1943. In 1957 it found a new home in Humboldtstraße 5. In 1992 new buildings were added including a library for teachers and students, modern science rooms, a photo lab and a cafeteria.
With its special emphasis on classical (Latin and Greek) as well as modern languages (English, French, Spanish), Friedrichsgymnasium as a grammar school is a unique institution for teaching and educating students from grades 5 to 9 (Sekundarstufe I), and from 10 to 12 (Sekundarstufe II).

Sekundarstufe I (grades 5 - 9)
At these ages students are taught in classes, which means that a group of about 30 students learn together in all subjects and at all levels. Friedrichsgymnasium gets its special character by the classical languages Latin and Greek. All students attend Latin from grade 5 on, and Greek can be chosen from grade 8 on.
Subjects (beginning in):

grade 5: German, Maths, Latin, English, Biology, Arts, Geography, Music, Politics / Economics, Physical Education, Religious Education
grade 6: History, Physics
grade 7: Chemistry

After grade 7, students can choose between a third foreign language (Greek or French) or can attend a science course. The high standard of the language courses enables the students to continue these courses in Sekundarstufe II.

Sekundarstufe II (10 - 12)
What distinguishes Friedrichsgymnasium from comprehensive schools in Kassel is the fact that students need not change schools after grade 10, but can stay at the same school on their way to "Abitur" (final examination).
In Sekundarstufe II teaching is not done in grades/forms any longer, but each student has her/his schedule and there is a choice of different courses/subjects.

Subjects in 10:
German, two of the languages started in Sekundarstufe I, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Politics and Economics, Arts or Music, Physical Education, Religious Education
Students can reach the so-called Latinum and Graecum (special qualification in classical Greek) at the end of grade 10.
A wide range of Leistungskurse (courses with a higher standard) is currently offered at Friedrichsgymnasium. One of these courses has to be German, or Maths, or a foreign language started in Sekundarstufe I, or a science subject. The other Leistungskurs can be Arts, History, or Politics/Economics.

Subjects in 11-12:
Arts or Music, German, History, Maths, two foreign languages and one science subject (or: two science subjects and one foreign language), Physical Education, Politics and Economy, Religious Education

Optional courses/extracurricular activities
  • Apart from the above mentioned foreign languages, Spanish can be chosen in Sekundarstufe II.
  • Additionally, Italian, Russian and Hebrew are offered.
  • All students playing an instrument, no matter at which level, may participate in the work of the school orchestra. Two public concerts are special events of the year in which the school choir also performs.
  • The school rowing club offers rowing not only as a spare time activity, but also trains and prepares interested students for rowing competitions.
  • The "Geschichtswerkstatt" (History Workshop) deals with subjects of topical or historical interest (e.g. Jewish Students at Friedrichgymnasium, School Life after the Second World War, etc.) and makes public presentations.
  • Several times a year there are public presentations of literary texts ("Literaturcafé") in combination with performances of short scenes and music.
  • There are drama groups for all students who are interested in the production and performance of theatre plays.
  • There is a number of further activities like chess, photography, environmental programmes, astronomy, and a bike workshop.
  • Computer Studies are not only part of the classes in Sekundarstufe I, but can also be chosen as a course in Sekundarstufe II and as an extracurricular activity.
  • In their final year at Friedrichsgymnasium students take part in excursions to Greece, Italy, France, Corsica, etc.
  • Each year a considerable number of students take the opportunity to participate in state and nation-wide foreign languages competitions.
Special events

The so-called FG-Forum has been established to discuss topics of particular interest publicly. For this purpose guests are invited.

There is a special welcome ceremony for new students (fifth formers) on their first day, a ceremony for those who leave school after passing their Abitur exam, and serveral concerts each year.